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State of Nevada, Division of Human Resource Management    

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100 N. Stewart St, Suite 200 

Carson City, NV 89701 


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Please note: Pursuant to NRS Chapter 239.0107 we will acknowledge receipt of your request
within five business days 
and provide you a status report, estimated timeframe and point of
contact. Some requests may require more than five days to process and we may need to
contact you for clarification, set-up an on-site viewing of records or charge fees for copies,
data processing and staff time (NRS. 239.055).


To complete an estimate, the agency will need the following information:
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 Please Fed Ex: Fed Ex Billing number:   
 Please send USPS 
 Email (if format allows) 
 I request an appointment to inspect the records in person


  I understand there is a charge for copies of public records. I understand I will receive a written estimate for production of the records indicated above if the estimated cost is expected to be over $25.00, which I will be required to pay in full prior to inspection or reproduction. Materials will be held for 30 days.


To submit your request, please click the button below. If you want a copy for your own records, please print this page prior to submitting.