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Toll Free: (888) 972-4732

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TOLL FREE: (888) 972-4732
TDD: (800) 697-0353
www.guidanceresources.com (company web ID: STATENV)

    The State’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides support, resources and information for personal and work issues. Services are confidential and provided at no charge to qualifying employees and their dependents.

      Services include financial information and resources, legal support and resources, work-life solutions, clinical counseling and critical incident stress management.

        EAP services are currently provided by ComPsych Corporation’s GuidanceResources®.



          HELP WITH 
          TO-DO LIST?  

          NEED SOMEONE 
          TO TALK TO?

          • Getting out of debt
          • Credit card or loan problem
          • Tax question
          • Estate planning
          • Saving for college
          • Divorce
          • Bankruptcy
          • Landlord/tenant issue
          • Real estate transaction
          • Civil or criminal action
          • Find a child care provider
          • Find an elder care provider
          • College planning
          • Party planning
          • Research a major purchase or home repair
          • Stress, anxiety or depression
          • Relationship/marital conflict
          • Problem with a child
          • Grief and loss
          • Substance abuse


            Financial Assistance 

            FinancialConnect® provides unlimited telephonic consultation and information with financial experts (e.g. certified financial planners, certified public accountants) on budgeting, debt, credit, tax issues, retirement planning and real estate.

              Legal Assistance

              LegalConnect® provides unlimited telephonic consultation and information with licensed attorneys for family law, ID theft, custody, real estate, estate planning and tax questions. Additionally, it provides local referrals for in-person legal consultation with discounted fees.

                Work-Life Assistance

                FamilySource® provides unlimited customized research and referral support for child care, elder care, education, government programs, health/wellness, personal convenience and moving/relocation.

                  Clinical Counseling

                  Clinical counseling includes assessment, short-term counseling, referral and follow-up services to address personal and work-related issues, with access to local in-person counseling through ComPsych’s GuidanceResources®. Counseling covers one assessment session and two additional counseling sessions (to include referral, if appropriate) per problem per year. If a referral is made for further counseling, every effort will be made to refer qualified employees and dependents within the State’s health plan.

                    Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM/CISD) Services

                    Critical incident stress management (CISM) refers to crisis intervention services which can include education, briefings, debriefings, defusing, counseling and follow up. Crisis situations could include natural disasters, line of duty death, a colleague’s suicide or any other significantly and overwhelming distressing event.

                      CISM services may be obtained by an appointing authority by contacting Human Resource Management’s EAP Coordinator at (775) 684-0111 or cphughes@admin.nv.gov. CISM services may not be accessed by contacting GuidanceResources® directly.

                        Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Contact

                        Toll Free: (888) 972-4732
                        TDD: (800) 697-0353
                        www.guidanceresources.com (company web ID: STATENV)