One of the requirements of the NVCPM Program is the completion of fifty (50) leadership / management elective hours.

  • Prior to the completion of Phase I (Levels I-III) participants must complete thirty (30) hours of professional development elective courses. 
  • Prior to the completion of Phase II (Levels IV-VI) participants must complete the remaining twenty (20) elective hours.
  • The electives must be professional development / management-related.  The participant must provide proof of attendance and there is a three (3) year time stipulation on all elective courses.

 Credit may be earned by attending:

  • Management / professional development courses offered by the State of Nevada, Human Resource Management, Office of Employee Development
  • Relevant courses offered by other state agencies, universities, colleges, companies, and associations
  • Outside organization directed courses
  • Documented on-line / computer-based training related to the field of management / leadership
  • In order to meet the program requirement of a total of 250 hours of instructor-led training, 29 or more elective hours must be instructor-led; 21 hours may be on-line / CBT.