Grievance Procedure Forms


Please use electronic grievance filing system linked via the NEATS homepage. For information on how to file a grievance click on the Grievance FAQ's.

    Form Title  Word  PDF Revision Date
    File a Grievance - NEATS   NEATS  
    Formal Grievance - Paper Form  NPD-50  NPD-50 2/2013
    Response to Formal Grievance  NPD-51 NPD-51 11/22/1995
    Agency Request for Removal of Grievance - (For use at Steps 1, 2 or 3)   HR-52 4/2016
    Agreement to Extend Grievance Filing Periods  TS-145 TS-145 2/2013
    Agency Motion to Dismiss Grievance - (For use at Step 4 only)   EMC-1 5/2016
    Employee Response to Motion to Dismiss Grievance   EMC-2 2/2016