Instructional Program Review


Examinations are used to evaluate the participant’s level of understanding of the content of Phase I of the program. Participants must pass the required examinations with a score of 70%.

Required Readings

A variety of relevant articles and books are utilized to teach leadership competencies and other concepts. The purpose of these readings is to encourage participants to engage in a habit of independent management and leadership development, including critical thinking and analytical skills that will extend beyond the CPM Program.  This work also affords the participant the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of the core curriculum as it relates to their work environment.

Job-Related Projects

The CPM Program extends relevance of instruction and curriculum to the workplace by requiring on-the-job practice through three (3) projects.  These projects are designed to teach application and demonstrate transfer of knowledge and techniques to the participant’s workplace.  Successful completion of all three (3) projects is required to achieve the Certified Public Manager (CPM) designation.

Executive Seminar

After completion of the six (6) levels of training, participants will select leading edge government-related topics and tours to be discussed during their two (2) day Executive Seminar.  This 14 hour session has 100% attendance requirements for successful completion of the program.