Documents, Forms, Policies and Resources

    Recruiting and Hiring

    Form Title  Word  PDF Revision Date
    Request to Fill a Position (RTF) - Appoint a Candidate  RTF     8/2017
    RTF Instructions    RTF-INST 6/2019
    Unclassified Job Announcement Shell UNCLASS   9/2013
    Essential Functions ADA-03 ADA-03 1/2017
    Physical & Cognitive Characteristics Inventory      ADA-02 ADA-02 1/2017
    Nepotism Statement   NEPSTATE 7/2015
    Nepotism NAC Reference   NEPNAC 6/2016
    Driver's License Inquiry Acknowledgement    Driver's License Inquiry Acknowledgement  6/2019
    Employment Verification/Reference Check  EVRC   9/2011
    Offer Letter - Please Contact AHRS      
    Regret Letter Template REG LTR     7/2013
    Guidelines For Contacting Candidates On A Reemployment List   REEMP GUIDE 5/2016
    New Employee/Internal Promotion Checklist NEW EMP   7/2018


      Termination, Retirement and Transfers

      Form Title  Word  PDF Revision Date
      Notice of Transfer or Resignation   NPD-45 5/2016
      Termination-Transfer Checklist TTC   7/2018
      Employee Exit Interview Survey Memo   Link 2016

        Manager's Tools

        Form Title  Word  PDF
         Rules for State Personnel   Link
         Grievance FAQs (webpage)   Link 
         Work Performance Standards NPD-14
        More Job Elements
        More Job Elements
        Developing WPS
         Employee Appraisal & Development NPD-15
        More Job Elements
        Form Instructions
        More Job Elements
         Employee Appraisal Response to Request for Review NPD-15R NPD-15R

          Agency Policies

          Form Title  Word  PDF Revision Date
          DOA Prohibitions and Penalties   DOA P&P 3/2012
          NDA Prohibitions and Penalties   NDA P&P 3/2015
          B&I Prohibitions and Penalties   B&I P&P 12/2012
          NDE Prohibitions and Penalties   NDE P&P 5/2013
          Taxation Prohibitions and Penalties   TAX P&P 12/2010
          Tourism/Cultural Affairs Prohibitions and Penalties   DTCA P&P 8/2006
          PEBP Prohibitions and Penalties   PEBP P&P 3/2012
          State Office of Energy Prohibitions and Penalties   NSOE P&P 5/2013
          State Public Charter School Authority Prohibitions and Penalties   SPCSA P&P 5/2013

            Other Resources

            Form Title  Word  PDF Revision Date
            Secondary Employment - Overview   SEO 5/2013
            Secondary Employment - Disclosure        SED  
            TS-25 Election of Compensatory Time TS-25 TS-25  
            TS-78 Request for Variable Workday Schedule   TS-78  


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