Performance Reports

Performance Reports

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    Effective 8/14/2019

    Form Title  Word  PDF Revision Date
    Developing Work Performance Standards   HR-14 Instructions 8/2019
    Employee Work Performance Standards HR-14 HR-14 8/2019
    Guidelines for Rating Job Elements   HR-15 Guidelines 8/2019
    Instructions for the Completion of an Employee Report on Performance   HR-15 Instructions 8/2019
    Employee Report on Performance HR-15 HR-15 8/2019
    Response to Request for Review of Report on Performance HR-15R  HR-15R 8/2019

      Effective until 6/30/20

      Form Title  Word  PDF Revision Date
      Work Performance Standards NPD-14;
      NPD-14 Additional Job Elements
      NPD-14 Additional Job Elements;
      Developing WPS
      Employee Appraisal & Development NPD-15;
      NPD-15 Additional Job Elements
      NPD-15 Additional Job Elements;
      Employee Appraisal Response to Request for Review NPD-15R NPD-15R 2/2013