Program Format, Length, and Hours

The NVCPM Program is currently offered as cohorts, in consecutive months in Southern Nevada (Las Vegas) and Northern Nevada (Carson City). A cohort format is one in which participants attend as a group, starting and finishing a program together.

The Nevada CPM Program consists of six (6) one-week levels of core curriculum training over approximately a 16 to 18 month period.  During the 16 to 18 months the participants are responsible for completing additional program requirements as described in the Curriculum Hours and Instructional Program Review sections.

There is a break between Phase I: Levels I-III and Phase II: Levels IV-VI.  Participants who successfully complete Phase I are deemed to have achieved the Certificate in Supervisory Management.  Phase II and a Capstone Project must also be completed successfully for the participant to be awarded the Certified Public Manager (CPM) designation.

    Curriculum  Hours
    Level I  32 Hours
    Level II  40 Hours
    Level III 33 Hours
    Level IV 33 Hours
    Level V 33 Hours
    Level VI 32 Hours
    Program Orientation 2 Hours
    Phase 2 Project Workshop     2 Hours
    Executive Seminar (Level VI) 14 Hours
    Sub Total: 
     221 Hours 
    Outside Required Reading & Responses 15 Hours
    Work Related Projects (3) 28 Hours
    Sub Total: 
     43 Hours 
    NVCPM Program Total: 264 Hours