Basic Supervisory Courses

The Basic Supervisory Courses (BSC) offer the State of Nevada supervisors and managers the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills in regards to the supervision of employees in a variety of complex and unique situations with the focus of enhancing both their effectiveness and efficiency.

    These courses are designed to be both basic and refresher knowledge and skills classes that are focused on fundamental supervisory and management skills. The classes are participant-centered and interactive by design and encourage full participation and sharing from students. They offer a combination of theory, concepts, techniques, and application and practice.

      Supervisors and managers are encouraged to become acquainted with the course descriptions by reviewing them in NEATS (Nevada Employee Action and Timekeeping System). Among the many features of NEATS is the ability to not only preview and enroll in classes, but to also review and print your training transcripts as you need those records.

        The Basic Supervisory Courses are:

        • Coaching for Supervisors (classroom only)
        • Conflict Resolution for Supervisors (classroom only)
        • Decision Making for Supervisors (classroom only)
        • A Leader's Guide to Delegating (classroom only)
        • Documenting Discipline (classroom only)
        • Motivation for Supervisors (classroom only)
        • Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow (classroom only)
        • Work Performance Standards Workshop (classroom only)