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Filling a position with an individual who is qualified for a lower class, in the same class series as the position is classified.  A position in certain classes can also be underfilled with an appropriate trainee level position (e.g., Staff Professional Trainee, Fiscal/Business Professional Trainee, Health/Human Services Professional Trainee).

The Division of Human Resource Management must approve any underfill.

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An employee or former employee may not noncompetitively underfill a position at grade 30 or higher if the position is at a higher grade than the position the employee currently holds or held.

A position may not continue to be underfilled for more than 30 days after a list is certified with five or more ranks of eligible individuals, unless:

  • The position is authorized at or below the journey level and an employee fills the position in a class which is a training or intermediate level preparing for promotion;
  • An employee's position is reclassified as a result of an occupational study; or
  • If it is certified (e.g., by the Chief of the Budget Division) that money is not available.