Labor Relations Unit (LRU)

The Labor Relations Unit (LRU) is responsible for providing expert consultation to State of Nevada public sector employees, State employee representatives, State of Nevada agency representatives, and State agency management in the area of collective bargaining and contract application.

The goal of the LRU is to promote the development and growth of collaborative labor-management relationships within the State and to provide accurate and comprehensive guidance that will empower agency management to make informed decisions as labor challenges arise.

The LRU provides expert advice, technical guidance, training, and policy support to the agencies concerning labor-management and labor relations matters arising within the collective bargaining units.

The primary objective of the LRU is to maintain a positive labor-management relationship, and to successfully negotiate labor agreements while applying an appropriate interpretation of the agreements.



    Collective Bargaining Units (BU)

    State of Nevada job titles have been broken into 11 separate collective bargaining units (BU). A bargaining unit is composed of positions/titles of similar interests and are recognized by both the State and a Union who has been designated as an exclusive representative to negotiate matters involving employment issues. These 11 bargaining units may evolve over time to better represent state positions and shared communities of interest.  If you have questions about a certain job title or BU, please contact the Labor Relations team.


    Bargaining Unit, A

    Labor, maintenance, custodial and institutional employees, including, without limitation, employees of penal and correctional institutions who are not responsible for security at those institutions.


    Bargaining Unit, B

    Administrative and clerical employees, including, without limitation, employees whose work involves general office work, or keeping or examining records and accounts.


    Bargaining Unit, C

    Technical aides to professional employees, including without limitation, computer programmers, tax examiners, conservation employees and regulatory inspectors.


    Bargaining Unit, D

    Professional employees who do not provide health care, including without limitation, engineers, scientists, and accountants.


    Bargaining Unit, E

    Professional employees who provide health care, including without limitation, physical therapists and other employees in medical and other professions related to health.


    Bargaining Unit, F

    Employees, other than professional employees, who provide health care and personal care, including, without limitation, employees who provide care for children.


    Bargaining Unit, G

    Category I peace officers


    Bargaining Unit, H

    Category II peace officers


    Bargaining Unit, I

    Category III peace officers


    Bargaining Unit, J

    Supervisory employees from all occupational groups


    Bargaining Unit, K


    Managerial & Confidential

    Units  ineligible for 

    Collective Bargaining



      Contact Information

      Labor Relations Unit  

      100 N. Stewart St. Suite 200

      Carson City, NV 89701

      (775) 684-0108 

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      Office Hours:

      Monday - Friday 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

        Reference Information

        Guidance information

        Guidance information attached below gives Departments and Employees additional information regarding Collective Bargaining contract language or processes. If you need additional information or clarification, please feel free to contact the Labor Relations Unit.

        Union Information & Collective Bargaining Agreements

        As of January 2021, the following collective bargaining units have exclusive representation:

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