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Solicitation refers to an individual offering or asking for assistance, goods or services (e.g., money).

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On Duty Time

Employees must use their on duty time to fulfill their job duties and responsibilities.

Rest (Break) and Meal Periods

An employee's time during a rest or meal period generally may be used as the employee chooses, subject to the agency's policies while on the premises of the workplace.  However, that time may not be used to subject fellow employees and members of the public to unwelcome solicitation.

Use of Information Technology (IT)

"While EITS systems are primarily intended for business purposes, limited (incidental and occasional) personal use may be permissible when authorized by management and it does not:

a. Interfere with work responsibilities or business operations.

b. Involve interests in personal outside business or other non-authorized organizations or activities (which may include, but are not limited to, selling personal property, soliciting for or promoting commercial ventures, or soliciting for or promoting charitable, religious, or political activities or causes)...

Inappropriate use of e-mail includes, but is not limited to, sending and forwarding...

d. Information related to religious materials, activities, or causes, including inspirational messages.

e. Charitable solicitations unless sanctioned by the State or Chief Information Officer (CIO).

f. Auction-related information or materials unless sanctioned by the State or CIO...

i. Materials related to personal commercial ventures or solicitations for personal gain.

j. Information related to political materials, activities, or causes unless sanctioned or permitted by the State or CIO.

k. Unauthorized or inappropriate mass distribution or communication."

(State of Nevada Enterprise IT, Acceptable Use Agreement, April 26, 2012)


If a concern arises regarding a member of the public soliciting in or near a public building, contact your management and, if necessary, legal counsel for assistance.