EEO and Discrimination Investigation Unit

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

The EEO Office has several roles and missions:

  • Provides advice and guidance  to state agencies and state employees about EEO matters.
  • Recommend and assist with the implementation of policies to create and maintain a work environment free of harassment and discrimination.
  • Develop and deliver EEO/Affirmative Action (AA) training for employees, supervisors and management.
  • Manages discrimination and harassment complaints through the Sexual Harassment/Discrimination Unit.
  • Develops and administers the State Mediation Program.
  • Conducts community outreach to market the State of Nevada as "The Employer of Choice" in support of the State's Affirmative Action initiatives.
  • Provides oversight for the State's Affirmative Action Plan and reports.

Sexual Harassment, Discrimination Investigation Unit

The mission of the unit is to conduct prompt, independent investigations of all allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination, as defined by State and Federal law. Each complaint will be evaluated and investigated by trained personnel using consistent investigative procedures.

The Unit provides:

  • Independent investigators that offer a neutral environment for employees to share their concerns.
  • Dedicated well trained investigators who can complete investigations in a more timely and in-depth manner as compared to agency staff that often have many other competing duties in addition to addressing employee complaints.
  • The Investigation Unit offers continuous feedback to The Department of Administration's, Division of Human Resource Management team and other State agencies regarding corrective actions and specific training needs.



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