Resolution Conferences

What is a Resolution Conference?

After a grievance has been submitted to Step 4, either the grievant or the agency may choose to request a resolution conference, thereby mandating both parties' participation. A resolution conference is an informal meeting between the parties with the assistance of a neutral facilitator, provided by the Division of Human Resource Management, who is not affiliated with either of the parties.

A resolution conference can…  

  • Promote communication between the employee and management; 
  • Strengthen working relationships; 
  • Offer enlightenment on what is taking place in the workplace; and 
  • Provide an additional opportunity for a grievance issue to be discussed and for possible solutions to be considered.

A resolution conference can be requested up to 15 working days prior to a scheduled meeting of the Employee-Management Committee by contacting the Resolution Conference Coordinator at: 775-684-0148 or