Employee-Management Committee

Employee-Management Committee

Statutory Authority:  NRS 284.068

The Employee-Management Committee provides the final administrative review of employee grievances and serves in an advisory capacity to the Governor, the Personnel Commission, and to Human Resource Management with respect to all matters of human resource administration and employee relations. This committee consists of an equal number of management and employee representatives.

    Employee-Management-Committee Members

    Management Representatives

    • Sandie Geyer
    • Ava Case
    • Vacant
    • Vacant
    • Vacant

    Employee Representatives 

    • Tracy DuPree, Chair
    • Turessa Russell
    • Doug Fromm
    • Vacant
    • Vacant
    • Vacant

    Counsel to the Committee  

    • Todd Weiss
    • Lisa Evans
    Employee-Management Committee Coordinators   
    • Roxanne Hardy, EMC Coordinator - North   
    • Ivory Wright, EMC Hearing Clerk - South


      Meetings and Agendas



        Board Vacancies - 4 Management Members, 3 Employee Members

        If you are interested in joining the Employee-Management Committee please click on the link below for the application and openings.


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          Contact Information

          Employee-Management Committee Coordinator

          100 N. Stewart St., Suite 200

          Carson City, Nevada 89701

          Tel:  (775) 684-0131

          Fax: (775) 684-0118

          Email: emccoordinator@admin.nv.gov