Upcoming Meetings

Please visit our master calendar of upcoming meetings for the various human resource management bodies at the link below.

Human Resources Commission

The State Human Resources Commission is responsible for adopting personnel regulations for the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) and for reviewing decisions of the Human Resource Management Administrator regarding contested personnel issues and advising on matters of the administration.

Employee-Management Committee

The Employee-Management Committee provides the final administrative review of employee grievances.

Hearing Officers

Hearing Officers hear appeal cases related to the dismissal, demotion, suspension, or involuntary transfers of permanent employees with the State of Nevada.

Merit Award Board

The Merit Award Board is the controlling authority of the Merit Award Program. The program was created in 1967 to reward people for money-saving ideas and to recognize efforts and contributions to increase the efficiency and productivity of Nevada.  This Board is composed of five members.

Committee on Catastrophic Leave

The Committee on Catastrophic Leave is a five member committee which hears formal appeals of employees in relation to their requests for catastrophic leave.  The Committee is appointed by the Governor and is made up of both employee and management representatives.