Committee on Catastrophic Leave

Statutory Authority: NRS 284.3627 

The Committee on Catastrophic Leave is a five member committee which hears formal appeals of employees in relation to their requests for catastrophic leave.  The Committee is appointed by the Governor and is made up of both employee and management representatives.

    Committee on Catastrophic Leave Members

    Management Representatives 

    • Chair - Rebecca Garcia, Nevada Gaming Control Board
    • Alternate - Vacant
    • Alternate - Vacant

    Employee Representatives 

    • Heather Garrett, Department of Corrections
    • Alternate - Vacant
    • Alternate - Vacant

    Employees wishing to appeal the decision of their appointing authority may do so within 10 days of receiving the appointing authority’s decision.  The clerk to the Committee will schedule a hearing within 5 days of receiving an appeal and the Committee will hold a hearing within 20 days of receiving the appeal.  The Committee renders a decision in writing within 10 days of the hearing. (NRS 284.362 – NRS 284.3629)

    An appeal may be filed by submitting it on a Catastrophic Leave Appeal form .  Copies of the following document should be attached to the appeal:




    • Any other pertinent documents.

    Documents are submitted to:
          Committee on Catastrophic Leave

             Attention: CAT Leave Coordinator

          Division of Human Resource Management

          100 N. Stewart St., Suite 200

          Carson City, Nevada 89701


        Fax: 775-684-0118  



      CAT Leave Committee

      Contact Information

      Clerk to the Committee

      Breece Flores
      100 N. Stewart St., Suite 200
      Carson City, Nevada 89701
      (775) 684-0135
      (775) 684-0118 - FAX