Email Subscription Management

DHRM wants to keep those who utilize our services informed about what goes on in the field of Human Resources with the latest news from our Division. Certain functional areas utilize a listserv (an email group) so those interested in receiving communication from us can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time. 

The table below will list the HR areas and provide links for you to join or leave these specific email lists. (Hover the mouse cursor over the area title for a description.) See the instructions on the right panel for more information.  


 HR Area  Listserv Name   Opt In  Opt Out
 Employee Management Committee Employee-Mngmnt-Cmte   Subscribe to EMC Listserv   Unsubscribe from EMC Listserv
 Employee Appeals employee-appeals  Subscribe to Emp-Appeals Listserv  Unsubscribe from Emp-Appeals Listserv
 HR Memorandums (Official) HR-Memorandums  Subscribe to HR Memos Listserv  Unsubscribe from HR Memos Listserv
 Central Payroll CentralPayroll  Subscribe to CP Listserv   Unsubscribe from CP Listserv
 Central Records centralrecords  Subscribe to CR Listserv  Unsubscribe from CR Listserv
 Labor Relations Unit LaborRelations  Subscribe to LRU Listserv  Unsubscribe from LRU Listserv


If you are unable to access the above links, do the following:
  •  To subscribe, send an email to and type Subscribe Listserv Name in the body of the message.
  •  Do not include other text in the body. No subject is necessary. 
  •  To be removed from the list, send an email to and type Unsubscribe Listserv Name in the body. 



    To manage your Human Resource email notifications, follow these steps:

    To Subscribe: In the row of the area of interest, click the "Subscribe" link. Hit "Send" when the email appears.  Your email address will be added to the list.

    * To Unsubscribe: If you wish to stop receiving these emails, click the "Unsubscribe" link in the same row. Hit "Send" when the email appearsYour email address will be removed from the list.