Employee Mediation Connection

Welcome to the informational connection about mediation, “the highway of opportunity to resolve conflicts as an alternative to a formal process”. The State Mediation Program creates "Win-Win" solutions to workplace conflict, or scroll down to the information below for additional details.

    What is Mediation?

    Mediation is an informal confidential and voluntary process in which a neutral third party assists disputing parties in reaching a resolution.


      The primary purpose of the Mediation Program is to provide a responsive, informal, confidential, effective means of resolving conflicts as an alternative to formal proceedings.


      The mediation process allows the parties to explore options and solutions to resolve issues at the lowest possible level. Mediation seeks to achieve a “Win-Win” resolution by empowering parties to formulate a mutually agreeable resolution while maintaining management and employee rights. The Mediator and either party involved in the mediation may end the mediation session any time if it is felt that a positive effort is not being made to resolve this issue. In addition the Mediator may bring the mediation to a close if there is a threat of harm, abuse of the process or violence.


      This program will allow employees the opportunity to discuss the issues raised and clear up misunderstandings, determine the underlying interest or concerns, find areas of agreement and ultimately, place a resolution to those issues into a written agreement. 

        Advantages of Mediation:


        • It’s a voluntary process offered to all employees  
        • It’s a fair process  
        • It’s a confidential process  
        • It supplements and does not limit or replace established grievance or complaint procedures  
        • It opens avenues of communication
        • It offers an opportunity to resolve issues at the lowest possible level


          Mediation is Not:

          • A substitute for discipline
          • Therapy
          • Telling others what to do
          • A crisis intervention technique to be used when there is immediate threat, harm, or danger
          • Appropriate to all situations
          • Magic

            A Mediator is:

            • An individual who has attended required Mediation Training
            • A good listerner
            • A good team worker
            • A fair person who doesn't take sides
            • A helper
            • A dependable person
            • A person who can be trusted
            • A person who can keep things private
            • A person who doesn't make assumptions or draw conclusions based on stereotypes
            • Not influenced by others

              A Mediator is Not:

              • A disciplinarian
              • A person who interrupts or focuses on self
              • A judge or legal advisor
              • A person who gives orders or advice
              • A person who talks about another person's conflicts