Human Resources Commission

Statutory Authority: NRS 284.030

The State Human Resources Commission consists of five members and five alternates appointed by the Governor. The Commission is responsible for adopting human resource regulations for the Nevada Administrative Code and for reviewing decisions of the Administrator regarding contested human resource issues. The Commission is advisory to the Administrator on matters of the Division's administration.

Human Resources Commission Members  

    Commissioner     Appointment Type
    NRS 284.030
    Vacant - Chair      2(a)
    Andreas Spurlock    2(a)
    Mark Olson 2(a)
    Rick McCann 2(b)
    Patricia Hurley 2(c)
     Alternates Appointment Type
    NRS 284.030
    M. Angela Scurry 2(d), alternate for 2(a)
    Christine Santiago 2(d), alternate for 2(a)
    Susana McCurdy 2(d), alternate for 2(a)
    Vacant 2(d), alternate for 2(b)
    Armen Asherian 2(d), alternate for 2(c) 

     Appointment Type Descriptions

    2(a)  Members who are representatives of the general public and have a demonstrated interest in or knowledge of the principles of public human resources administration

    2(b)  A member who is a representative of labor and has a background in human resources administration

    2(c)  A member who is a representative of employers or managers and has a background in human resources administration

    2(d)  An alternate member for each member appointed pursuant to paragraphs (a), (b) and (c) to serve when the regular member is unable to attend a meeting of the Commission

    Meetings and Agendas 

    Meeting and Agenda Information for the Human Resources Commission



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