NVCPM Application Form

If you believe in excellence in the public sector and would like to develop your leadership skills to meet the State's challenges, complete and submit the application form below.

The application is a fill-in form. A complete application includes:

1) the form, (electronically) signed by the applicant, the applicant's supervisor, and the department director; and

2) a complete, updated resume. 

It is the responsibility of the Department Director or his/her designee to submit the complete application by the application due date.

 The application deadline for Class 20 is April 28, 2023

For questions or additional information, please contact nvcpm@admin.nv.gov.




    The application form is formatted as a fill-in Word form. Use the arrow keys to move through the questions.

    The form works best if completed on a desktop computer.

    PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the version of Word you have (97-2003 or 2013), after opening it, you may need to click “VIEW” in the upper left-hand in the tool bar, then click “EDIT DOCUMENT.”