Program Format, Length, and Hours

The NVCPM Program is currently offered as cohorts, in consecutive months in Southern Nevada (Las Vegas) and Northern Nevada (Carson City). A cohort format is one in which participants attend as a group, starting and finishing a program together.

The NVCPM Program consists of several classroom sessions varying in length from 1 to 4 days over an 18-month period. During the program, participants may also be assigned several short application projects that will be completed outside the classroom sessions.

A Capstone Project and the Mandatory Supervisory Class Series must also be completed successfully for the participant to be awarded the Certified Public Manager (CPM) designation.


    Curriculum Component 


    Phase I

    Program Orientation      4
    Foundations I 28
    Foundations II 28
    Operations I 24.5
    Operations II 24.5
    Mandatory Supervisory Courses Online 18

    Phase II

    Capstone Project Initiation 7
    Agency Consulting Week            28
    Stewardship Seminar              28
    Capstone Project Work Day 7

    Workshop Series:                                                                                                             Crucial Accountability | Public Speaking  



    Practitioner Conversations: Agency Leadership 28
    Classroom Instruction - Total Hours:
    Capstone Project (Execution | Closeout) and other Application Projects        140
    Total Program Hours: 393