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    Recruiting and Hiring

    Recruiting and Hiring forms
    Form Title  Word  PDF Revision Date
    Request to Fill a Position (RTF) - Appoint a Candidate  RTF   11/2021
    RTF Instructions    RTF-INST 8/2020
    Unclassified Job Announcement Shell UNCLASS   9/2013
    Essential Functions ADA-03 ADA-03 1/2017
    Physical & Cognitive Characteristics Inventory      ADA-02 ADA-02 1/2017
    Nepotism Statement   NEPSTATE 7/2015
    Nepotism NAC Reference   NEPNAC 6/2016
    Driver's License Inquiry Acknowledgement   Driver's License Inquiry Acknowledgement 6/2021
    Employment Verification/Reference Check  EVRC   9/2011
    Offer Letter Template - 700 Hour Employee OFF LTR-7   12/2020
    Offer Letter Template - Transfer or Promotion OFF LTR-T   12/2020
    Offer Letter Template - New Hire OFF LTR-G   12/2020
    Regret Letter Template REG LTR     3/2020
    Guidelines For Contacting Candidates On A Reemployment List   REEMP GUIDE 5/2016
    New Employee/Internal Promotion Checklist NEW EMP   7/2018
    Work Performance Standards (link to page) WPS    
    WPS Instructions (link to page) WPS Instructions    


      Termination, Retirement and Transfers

      Termination, Retirement and Transfer forms
      Form Title  Word  PDF Revision Date
      Notice of Transfer or Resignation   NPD-45 5/2016
      Termination-Transfer Checklist TTC   7/2018
      Employee Exit Interview Survey Memo   Exit Interview Survey 2016

        Manager's Tools

        Manager's Tools Forms
        Form Title  Word  PDF
         Rules for State Personnel   Rules for State Personnel
         Grievance FAQs (webpage)   Grievance FAQs

         Work Performance Standards


        HR-14 Instructions

         Employee Appraisal & Development

         (Effective 8/14/2019)

        HR-15 HR-15
        HR-15 Guidelines
        HR-15 Instructions 

         Employee Appraisal Response to Request for Review

         (Effective 8/14/2019)

        HR-15R     HR-15R

          Agency Policies

          Agency Policy Forms
          Form Title  Word  PDF Revision Date
          CCB Prohibitions and Penalties   CCB P&P 8/23/23
          DOA Prohibitions and Penalties   DOA P&P 12/2020
          NDA Prohibitions and Penalties   NDA P&P 3/2015
          B&I Prohibitions and Penalties   B&I P&P 12/2012
          NDE Prohibitions and Penalties   NDE P&P 5/2013
          Taxation Prohibitions and Penalties   TAX P&P 6/2021
          Tourism/Cultural Affairs Prohibitions and Penalties   DTCA P&P 8/2006
          PEBP Prohibitions and Penalties   PEBP P&P 3/2021
          Silver State Health Insurance Exchange       SSHIE P&P 6/2021
          State Office of Energy Prohibitions and Penalties   NSOE P&P 3/2021
          State Public Charter School Authority Prohibitions and Penalties   SPCSA P&P 6/2021
          DIDS Prohibitions and Penalties   DIDS P&P 3/2021
          Sentencing Policy Prohibitions and Penalties   DSP P&P 12/2020
          GFO Prohibitions and Penalties   GFO P&P 3/2021
          Governor's Office Prohibitions and Penalties   GO P&P 3/2021

            Other Resources

            Other forms
            Form Title  Word  PDF Revision Date
            Secondary Employment - Overview   SEO 5/2013
            Secondary Employment - Disclosure        SED  
            TS-25 Election of Compensatory Time TS-25 TS-25  
            TS-78 Request for Variable Workday Schedule   TS-78   
            Request for Alternative Work Schedule AWS   10/2021


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