Instructional Components

Instructional Components

Learning activities include classroom instruction and workshops, application projects, structured readings, and examinations. NVCPM uses all these types of learning activities over the course of its 18-month program.

Classroom Instruction
Core to the NVCPM Program is a series of multiple-day classroom sessions, ranging in length from one day to four days. All sessions are conducted during the normal business day (Monday through Friday, 8:30am until 4:30pm). Each session is thematic and aligned closely to one or more required core competencies. During each classroom session, participants learn management theory, tools and techniques and are given opportunities to test those theories and practice the tools through class discussions, small group activities, and individual reflection.

Job-Related Application Projects
The NVCPM Program extends relevance of the instruction and curriculum to the workplace by requiring on-the-job practice through several projects. These projects are designed to teach application and demonstrate transfer of knowledge and techniques to the participant’s workplace.

Required Readings
A variety of relevant articles and books are used to teach leadership competencies and other concepts. These readings encourage participants to engage in a habit of independent management and leadership development, including critical thinking and analytical skills that will extend beyond the NVCPM Program. This work also affords the participant the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of the core curriculum as it relates to their work environment. Written reports are required as part of some reading assignments. Books that are part of the required readings are the property of the NVCPM Program and will be loaned to participants at no cost. 

Open-book and multiple choice examinations are used to evaluate the participant’s understanding of the content taught during the classroom sessions. Participants must pass the required examinations with a score of 80%. Each examination may be retaken twice, for a total of three attempts. If the participant fails, he or she must again complete the appropriate course work, after which the examination may be retaken. Every effort will be made to assist any participant with special testing needs.

Program Evaluation 
Evaluation of the overall NVCPM Program is based upon how well the program meets the stated objectives and the needs of its participants. Participants will have multiple opportunities to provide extensive feedback on instructors, format and content, thereby helping to shape the Program for future NVCPM classes. Some of the evaluation methods will be written evaluation forms, email feedback, plus/delta sessions, and large and small group discussions.

Supervisory Training Courses
All participants are required to complete ten (10) of the classes in the Mandatory Supervisory Class Series offered by the State of Nevada, Division of Human Resource Management. The classes are offered on-line and can be found at: It would be best if participants are able to complete this training series before the start of the NVCPM Program. If this is not possible, the courses must be completed before the NVCPM participant can graduate.