Central Payroll & Central Records

Payroll and Records Forms

    Form Title  Word  PDF Revision Date
    0-752 Special Pay/Time Adjustment Sheet  0-752 0-752 11/2010
    Special Pay/Time Adjustment Worksheet (Supplemental)  Supplemental/Retro





    Calculation of Comp Time Payout for Terminating Employees  Calculation of Comp
    Time Payout for
    Terminating Employees
    LEAV Leave Accrual Adjusting Form  LEAV (Excel) LEAV 11/2007
    Signature Authorization Form - Payroll    CPSA 7/2012
    Signature Authorization Form - Records    CRSA 7/2012
    PAY-07 Authorization for Payroll Check Pick-up    PAY-07 2/13/2019
    Authorization for Records Pick-up  RPU   7/2012
    Cancellation of Deduction    CoD 11/2007
    Labor Distribution Profile  LDPR (EXCEL)  LDPR 10/2011
    PSMT - Position Status Maintenance  PSMT (EXCEL)  PSMT 3/1999
    W-4 (IRS) Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate    W-4 2018
    Deferred Compensation Program Payroll Deduction Form    DCP Payroll Deduction Form 12/2011
    FICA Alternative Enrollment Form    FICA Alternative Enroll Form 2009
    Payroll Overpayment  PAYOP-1   10/2011
    Default on Agreement to Repay Payroll Overpayment  PAYOP-2   10/2011
    Referral of Payroll Overpayment for Collection  PAYOP-3 PAYOP-3 10/2007
    Request to Use Annual Leave to Repay A Payroll Overpayment or Antiweek Liability  PAYOP-4   11/2007
    Employment Eligibility Verification Form    I-9 3/8/2013
    Agency Hand Type Request Form    Hand Type Request Form 2/12/2010
    Quarterly Catastrophic Leave Summary  Quarterly CAT Leave (Excel)    9/2012