Program Content

The curriculum is focused on the Organizational Effectiveness Framework: Talent Systems; Strategic Systems; Tools and Performance Systems; and Conditions and External Systems.

Participants will engage in peer discussions of the competencies they need to succeed in their workplace today and in the future, while practicing new management skills and techniques. Classes include the following recommended order of completion: 

  • Class #1: Management in the Public Sector 
  • Class #2: From Vision to Execution 
  • Class #3: Temperaments and Your Management Style
  • Class #4: Managing a Diverse Workforce and Customer Base
  • Class #5: Teams 201
  • Class #6: Managing Conflict
  • Class #7: Manager as Performance Coach
  • Class #8: Employee Retention and Success Planning
  • Class #9: Effective Employee Onboarding
  • Class #10: The Work of Networks
  • Class #11: Creative Problem Solving
  • Class #12: Project Management
  • Class #13: Process Improvement Tools and Techniques
  • Class #14: Helping People Through Organizational Change
  • Class #15: Leading Change from the Middle
  • Class #16: Communication Skills for Managers
  • Class #17: Ethics
  • Class #18: Resiliency
  • Class #19: Management Principles in Practice

These classes can be taken in any order, at any time, as a participant's schedule allows. Classes will be offered on a regular basis year-round, both on MS Teams and in-person in the DHRM training rooms in Carson City and in Las Vegas.