CPM Program Goals and Benefits

CPM Program Goals and Benefits

The Nevada CPM Program offers public sector professionals a significant career development experience that will enhance their leadership capabilities as well as their administrative, managerial, analytical, and interpersonal skills. Public sector organizations benefit from having Program graduates who can function as highly-skilled managers in situations of increasing complexity that often require multi-disciplinary and multi-jurisdictional responses.

    NVCPM Program Goals

    • Prepare federal, state, and local government employees to assume more responsible management roles and assist agencies with succession planning
    • Foster and maintain high educational and ethical standards in the practice of public management
    • Encourage the recognition of public management as a profession established upon an underlying body of knowledge
    • Maintain the accreditation requirements of the National CPM Consortium

     NVCPM Program Benefits to Agencies and Organizations

    • Retain employees with leadership potential
    • Build a pool of internally developed leaders
    • Improve government services and efficiency through process improvement projects
    • Implement new approaches to agency challenges and opportunities

     NVCPM Program Benefits to Participants 

    • Assess and practice fundamental management theories, tools, and techniques in an increasingly challenging work environment
    • Discover new approaches to leading teams and serving as a model to other leaders
    • Participate in self-discovery activities and receive feedback and individual assessment
    • Develop practical applications of up-to-date management theory to assist in meeting the objective of the organization
    • Graduates of the NVCPM Program are eligible for membership in the American Academy of Certified Public Managers