Frequently Asked Questions

Management Academy FAQs

The Management Academy used to be a cohort model based on an application process. Do I need to apply now?

No. There is no longer an application requirement. All classes are open for enrollment in NEATS. We will offer the classes on a regular basis, year-round, for you to complete as your schedule allows.


If you have trouble navigating to find the classes, please e-mail

Do I have to take all 19 classes to complete the Academy?

If you want to complete the entire Management Academy learning pathway, you will need to complete all 19 classes. While we have a recommended order of completion, the classes are stand-alone topics and can be taken in any order that your schedule allows. The Application of Management Academy Principles needs to be taken last, as it synthesizes concepts from the first 18 classes.

How long do I have to complete the Academy?

There is no specific deadline for completion. Classes will be offered regularly throughout the year, so you can enroll as your schedule allows. 


How do I enroll?

All classes are open for enrollment in NEATS. On the individual landing page, click on the tab at the top called "Training". This will take you to the student schedule page. 


On the left side is an >> icon. Click on the >> icon to expand the sidebar. 


The sidebar offers a BROWSE CLASSES link which takes the user to the entire State of Nevada training classes.


OED's Management Academy (MA) is listed under the prefix: HUMAN RESOURCE MGMT - OFFICE OF EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT.


Click on the desired MA class for location, time and enrollment.


The full list of classes is as follows:

#1:  Management in the Public Sector

#2:  From Vision to Execution

#3:  Temperaments and Your Management Style

#4:  Managing a Diverse Workforce and Customer Base

#5:  Teams 201

#6:  Managing Conflict

#7:  Manager as Performance Coach

#8:  Employee Retention and Succession Planning

#9:  Effective Employee Onboarding

#10:  The Work of Networks

#11:  Creative Problem Solving

#12:  Project Management

#13:  Process Improvement Tools and Techniques

#14:  Helping People Through Organizational Change

#15:  Leading Change from the Middle

#16:  Communication Skills for Managers

#17:  Ethics

#18:  Resiliency

#19:  Application of Management Academy Principles

If you have trouble finding the schedules, please e-mail 

Do I need to have approval from my supervisor?

Class settings in NEATS may or may not require supervisory approval to enroll. It is the participant's responsibility to gain approval in advance to enroll in any OED class.

What if I only need to learn about some of the topics: can I take just those classes?

Yes. You can take only the classes you feel are necessary, as your schedule allows. The entire Academy is designed to be as flexible as possible to meet the training and scheduling needs of supervisors and managers across the state.