FAQs-Agency Human Resource Services

 Agency HR Services provides customer service to select State of Nevada agencies, employees and outside vendors. We are here to handle all of your HR needs; which may include answering questions, providing assistance and giving guidance when needed, just to name a few. 
The following Frequently Asked Questions are available. By clicking on the link you will find the answer.




For General Inquiries and Assistance

For general inquiries and assistance please contact us by phone at (775) 684-0201 or (702) 486-2904 or email us at agencyhr@admin.nv.gov.

1. Where should we send completed Employee Appraisals?

Employee appraisals are processed by Agency HR Services. Once an employee appraisal has been given, the supervisor will forward the original to our office for processing (be sure and make your copies). To ensure the appraisal's are processed in a timely manner, please make sure all information is filled out in its entirety and all signatures have been obtained; the Rater's signature (this is usually the employee's supervisor), the Employee's signature, and the Appointing Authority's signature (this is the person that oversees the department, the Chief Administrative Officer or, possibly, the Administrator).

Agency HR Services can provide a report to supervisors of upcoming appraisals due upon request.

2. Where do I send my training records and certificates?

To us!  Agency HR Services will enter your training information into your NEATS transcript.  You may wish to keep your original certificate, in that case just send us a copy for your records.

For Recruiting and Hiring Needs

1. Who do I contact for Recruiting and Hiring needs?

Agency HR Services handles many of the elements of the recruitment and hiring process for you.  The recruiting process is initiated by sending a Request To Fill A Position form (RTF) to us using the Agencyhr@admin.nv.gov e-mail address.  By filling out and submitting the Request to Fill form, you're telling us what you're looking for and how you would like to fill your position. We will process your request and either open a recruitment or provide you with an eligible hiring list, making sure to check for any qualifying layoffs. One of our recruiting specialists will work closely with you to ensure that your hiring needs are met.

2. What happens next?

Once the recruitment and interview process has been completed; the hiring agency will let Agency HR Services know who they would like to make a job offer by updating the RTF form and e-mail the updated form to Agencyhr@admin.nv.gov.   Once the offer is made, accepted and a start date has been established, our staff will schedule an orientation time and send out a "welcome" letter to the new employee with instructions for attending orientation on their first day of work.  Orientation for new employees, including employees transferring in from another state agency, is scheduled every Monday in both our Carson City and Las Vegas locations.  Whenever possible, new employees should be scheduled to begin work on Mondays.

3. My employee quit, retired or transferred to another agency, what do I do?

Please notify us right away by forwarding the letter of resignation and/or NPD-45 form, Resignation from State Service form.

For Leave Issues

There are different types of leave that supervisors and employees have to deal with on a regular basis. We are here to help you determine what type of leave is appropriate, leave eligibility, and how to properly record the timesheet.

1. What type of leave should an employee take?

In order to determine what type of leave an employee is eligible to take we will ask a few questions to get an idea of what the leave is for. Some types of leave are covered under FMLA, others may qualify for Catastrophic Leave, Civil Leave, or Annual Leave.  Most agencies have leave policies that also guide employees in the requirements for requesting and using leave.

We are the point of contact for leave management, required forms, and interpretation of leave policies and procedures; we maintain confidential records in our office related to FMLA, ADAAA, Workers' Compensation and other programs.



2. What do I do if there is a workers’ compensation incident?

Contact Agency HR Services as soon as possible for guidance on the State’s Workers’ Compensation process.


For Personnel Issues such as Training, Mediation, Grievances, Disciplinary and Complaints

Sometimes issues come up in the work place that cannot be resolved easily. Agency HR Services is here to provide guidance to supervisors and employees in order to help resolve issues that arise. To maintain consistent and best practices we encourage communication at all levels of concern. We can arrange for special training for your agency or work group, assist with mediation services, advise employees and managers about grievance concerns, disciplinary issues or other workplace complaints.

1. Who do I contact if I have a problem in the workplace?

Any staff member in Agency HR Services can refer you to the best person on staff to meet your needs or answer your questions.  The Personnel Officers in Agency HR Services will work with you to address your workplace concerns.

If you are a supervisor and need to respond to a grievance or take corrective action please contact us for advisement.  If you are an employee and are concerned about an issue in the workplace, or you have received discipline and would like to discuss it with someone, pleases don't hesitate to contact us.  Our goal is to provide objective assistance and resources to all employees.