FAQs - Central Payroll

The following Frequently Asked Questions are available. By clicking on the link you will find the answer.

Frequently Asked Questions (Central Payroll)

1. Can I set up my direct deposit to multiple bank accounts?

Our current payroll system is not set up for direct deposit into multiple bank accounts. However, you can establish a voluntary deduction from your net pay to go to one or more of the following credit unions: Greater Nevada Credit Union, Elko Federal Credit Union, WestStar Credit Union, and America First Credit Union.

2. How can I get copies of my pay stubs or my W-2 if I am no longer a State employee?


Employees should contact their agency payroll clerk with the previous agency to request this information. 

3. I am new to State employment. Why don’t I have a deduction for Social Security? Can I choose to contribute to Social Security?


Earnings while employed with the State of Nevada are not covered under Social Security. When you retire, or if you become disabled, you may receive a pension based on earnings from your State employment. The Social Security Administration does not allow State employees to “opt-in” by paying into Social Security. 

4. I have left State service. When do I receive my annual leave payout?


If you were continuously employed for six months or more, you would typically receive your annual leave payout in the pay period following your last regular hours’ paycheck. This ensures that your payout will include all of your accrued annual leave.