General Development Courses

With the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic, effective immediately the Office of Employee Development open-enrollment classes are canceled and the remaining Class 17 sessions of the Nevada Certified Public Manager Program are postponed until further notice in the interest of employees’ health and welfare. 


The General Development Courses (GDC) offer all State of Nevada employees the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills in regards to a variety of disciplines with the focus of enhancing both their effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace.

    These individual courses are scheduled on a variety of days / times during a 6-month period to offer flexibility in attending. The classes are designed to be interactive and participant-centered, thus encouraging employees to share their experiences. They teach theory and concepts, “tips and tricks” of techniques, and offer opportunities to discuss and practice the skills learned in a safe environment.

      Employees are encouraged to become acquainted with the course descriptions by reviewing them on NEATS (Nevada Employee Action and Timekeeping System). Among the many features of NEATS is the ability to not only preview and enroll in classes, but to also review and print your training transcripts as you need those records.

        Courses offered online can be found at:

          The General Development Courses are:


          • 5 Waves of Trust (classroom only)
          • Communication: What's My Style (classroom only)
          • Customer Service: Practices (classroom only)
          • Emotional Intelligence (classroom only)
          • Mixing Four Generations in the Workplace (classroom only)
          • Valuing Diversity (classroom only)
          • Emotional Intelligence (classroom only)
          • Working With You is Killing Me (classroom only)
          • Communication Breakdown (classroom only)
          • Orientation to CLASSIFIED State of Nevada Employment (online only)
          • Orientation to UNCLASSIFIED State of Nevada Employment (online only)
          • Time Management (online only)
          • Introduction to Continuous Improvement (online only)
          • What Supervisors Need to Know about the ADA & Accommodation Requests (online only)
          • What Supervisors Need to Know about the FMLA (online only)