Office of Employee Development (OED) Overview


The Office of Employee Development (OED) provides statewide training and leadership development courses to State of Nevada employees, enabling them to increase efficiency, personal effectiveness, productivity, and customer satisfaction.


Our offerings are one of the ways that the State of Nevada invests in building an educated and highly qualified workforce capable of effectively serving the citizens of Nevada. We offer a full range of classes with a focus on public sector needs and challenges and our curricula are designed to help employees grow and develop in critical areas. The curated learning paths of our courses assist agencies in development of succession planning and workforce development strategies.


Our strategic priorities include:


  • Provide competency-based training courses for all levels of the workforce, including individual contributors, supervisors, and managers.
  • Utilize technology to better serve our agency clients.
  • Establish learning paths for employees to grow their skills and capabilities.



The OED team assesses a wide body of professional development topics to design course offerings that are both academically rigorous and grounded in the tactical skills germane to the needs of state employees. We offer general education classes that can be taken as stand-alone learning opportunities, as well as course-based learning, aligned to specific roles such as supervisors or managers.


Our instructor-led course content is delivered in a classroom-based environment. We also offer some courses for individual contributors and supervisors virtually through MS Teams. Classes are offered regularly throughout the year for employees across the state.







  • Provide programs that enable agencies and employees to improve performance, learn new skills, and prepare for career advancement.
  • Cultivate a workforce that is focused on serving the citizens of Nevada through positive, proactive approaches to change and continuous improvement.
  • Build employee skills to assist in better collaboration, cooperation, and respect in the workplace.
  • Identify competency-based skills to empower agency leaders with forward-looking approaches to serving the State’s diverse citizenry.
  • Offer learning and development across the employee lifecycle so that agencies have a pipeline of skilled and effective leaders capable of providing continued standards of excellence.