Office of Employee Development (OED) Overview

With the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic, effective immediately the Office of Employee Development open-enrollment classes are canceled and the remaining Class 17 sessions of the Nevada Certified Public Manager Program are postponed until further notice in the interest of employees’ health and welfare. 

The Office of Employee Development (OED) provides statewide training, development and consultation services to employees and State agencies, enabling them to increase efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, and customer satisfaction.  We partner with agencies to provide and retain a highly qualified workforce that effectively serves the citizens of Nevada, with quality and efficiency in management.  It is vital the State of Nevada has an educated workforce and that our employees have the opportunity to receive professional training and education in critical areas.

    Our strategic priorities include:

    • To provide progressive training and education to the workforce
    • Maximize the use of technology to better serve clients
    • Improve State employees’ working environments

      OED conducts needs assessments with customers, determines course offerings, designs and develops curriculum and materials, and provides instruction through a variety of methods including classroom training, videoconference training, online/computer-based courses, etc.  As part of our consultative role, we partner with State agencies to develop and implement customized solutions that help improve organizational and employee performance.  We offer a full range of classes with a focus on public sector needs and challenges.  OED assists with the development of succession planning and workforce development/planning strategies.  Our services benefit employees and agencies, enable both to meet and exceed standards of performance, update employees’ skills and knowledge of their current position and positions they aspire to.


        • Provide programs that enable agencies and employees to improve performance, learn new skills and prepare employees for career advancement
        • Provide training opportunities to develop professional employees with a strong focus on customer service and foster a positive, proactive environment that encourages change and improvement
        • Provide skills and knowledge for employees to be successful and competent which provides better service and perception to citizens and customers
        • We are a one-stop-shop, providing off-the-shelf, consulting, and customized solutions
        • The systematic training programs we provide create quality and efficient management, improve professionalism and have a direct benefit to the citizens of Nevada who utilize government services and interact with state employees