Climate Surveys

What are employee climate surveys?

Employee climate surveys are studies of employees' perceptions and perspectives of an organization. The surveys address attitudes and concerns that help the organization work with employees to instill positive changes.

    Why would an organization want an employee climate survey done?

    Employee climate surveys increase productivity. This is necessary during periods of decreased productivity, for organizations with a limited budget, or generally anytime management believes organizational output can and should be improved. Furthermore, if there is a specific reason for low productivity, such as high staff turnover or poor communication, an employee climate survey can help identify possible solutions to these problems.

      Employee climate surveys are valuable tools when there is a change in the status quo. These changes include a reorganization of the company, an introduction of a new product or service, company relocation, a change in policies, or a period of rapid growth. In these situations, organizations must learn to work and communicate with employees to insure that the results of these changes will be positive. Climate surveys give employees a voice to assist in making these transitions as smooth as possible.

        Additionally, climate surveys can set benchmarks for future surveys, which will allow more in-depth and time series analysis.